Hydraulic Concentric Pipe Rodless Oil Production System
It is used for seriously eccentric wear well, highly-deflected well, heavy oil well, horizontal wellwell with complex conditions. It’s a new rodless oil production system without pumping unit or sucker rod.
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High Effective Hot Washing Anti-pollution String
It is used for wells with “low level, low liquid, low pump effective” to prevent leakingprotect layer during hot washing.
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Light Energy Forced Anticorrosion Station for Oil-water Well
It is mainly applied to oil-water well with different problems, such as scrapped caused by casing corrosionperforation, pipeline corrosionperforation, equipment which is changedscrapped frequently because of corrosion, working cycle is shortened because o
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Air-proof Technology  Extracting OilLayers
It mainly consists of oil pump extracting oil simultaneouslylayers, packer with self-lock compensation, pipe centralizerlifting shorts.
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Vacuum Return Sand Pump Technology
Vacuum return sand pumping Kerui developed by Kerui2002. After several years of field applicationimprovement, it can be meet technological requirements of all kinds of oil/water well sand pumping, Max pumping sand deepth can reach hundreds of meters.
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Jet AcidificationPlugging Relief Combination Tool
It is an advanced technology used for oil-water well plugging relief, productioninjection increase of high water contentlow permeability oilfield.
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Technology of increasing productioninjection with high pressure jet-flow
Technology of increasing productioninjection
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Negative Pressure Discharging Acid Technology
This technology is mainly used for negative pressure plugging reliefnegative pressure discharging acid.
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